Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management offers:

  • Master Degree of Business Administration in
    • General Management
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Education Sciences
  • Bachelor and Associate Degree of Management in
    • Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Human Resource Management
    • Banking and Finance

The course offers a variety of subjects that consider perspectives on management from both the public and private sector.

The program prepares students to be leaders of society in the areas of business, organizations and government. The management curriculum includes subjects with an international perspective to help prepare graduates to function effectively in the world's varied cultural and business settings. Students are trained to be broad thinkers, harmonious contributors to teams, and experts in creative change. The curriculum develops communication skills through writing, oral presentation, and small group interactions. Students utilize computer applications throughout their course work in the universities computer laboratory.

Graduates find employment in Government Ministries, Local and International Organizations, Local and International Non-Government Organizations and in the private sector.


Special Features

  • The program provides in-depth coursework and case study experience giving students greater depth of knowledge and more practical experience.
  • Students take a number of field trips and work placements over the course of their four year degree. They get to observe and evaluate the functioning of a wide range of businesses and governmental and international agencies.
  • The Management Faculty develops the holistic qualities of the manager, the ability to manage the company as a whole while maintaining the integrity and smooth functioning of all its parts-planning, production, personnel, marketing and sales, distribution, public relations, employee education, etc. Students develop the ability to manage successfully in both the private or public sectors.
  • Students are trained in computer technology and how to incorporate computers into their class work.
  • Management training at CSUK offers knowledge that has been demonstrated to increase productivity, improve health, decrease absenteeism and improve satisfaction of employees.
  • Our Management program is uniquely effective in developing the qualities essential for professional success in Management - problem-solving ability, logical thinking, creativity and strong inter-personal skills.
  • Students gain professional experience in their area of specialization by means of an individual or/and group report or thesis project that lasts for 1-3 full months. This and other Management courses emphasize oral and written communication skills, along with strong technical skills.
  • Students gain a holistic understanding of all areas of management before specializing in Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Banking and Finance in their third and final year of study.