How you can help

Have you checked out the shots of the new campus at Kamchaymear? It's a beautiful campus and main building. The standard is becoming incredibly high. Now to get some movement through the volunteer ranks worthy of such beautiful grounds and resources smile emotion.

Over 250 volunteers have worked with AACF in Cambodia over the last 12 years. The majority of AACF volunteers teach undergraduate management or agriculture students at Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear (former Maharishi Vedic University). Lessons are taught in Khmer Language with volunteers teaching through a translator.

We are currently extending our attempts to appoint and place volunteers of various lengths and types of assignments within our University. Our goal is to strengthen partnerships, form education-exchange programs, and to connections and establish MOU/MOA’s that enable us to recruit volunteers who will assist with the growth, development, and efficacy of CSUK. The overarching objective is to raise the standards and outcomes of low-cost higher education for approximately 3,000+ annual attending students from rural and at-risk Cambodian communities.

CSUK is a low-cost and rural Cambodian public university focusing on five main academic fields:

  1. Agriculture offers 2-years Associate and 4-years Bachelor Degrees with specializations in Agronomy, Natural Resource Management and Animal Production and Health.
  2. Management offers 2-years Associate and 4-years Bachelor Degrees with specializations in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Banking and Finance.
  3. Arts, Humanities and Languages offers 4-years Bachelor Degrees with specializations in Khmer Literature and 2-years Associate and 4-years Bachelor Degrees with specializations in English for Education, English for Translation and English for Communication.
  4. Social Science offers 2-years Associate and 4-years Bachelor Degrees with specializations in Rural Development, Economics and Tourism and Hospitality.
  5. Science and Mathematics offers 4-years Bachelor Degrees with specializations in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology and 2-years Associate and 4-years Bachelor Degrees with specializations in Computer Science.

Center of Technical and Vocational Education also offers Technical and Vocational Education and Training courses in Agronomy, Mechanics, Electronic, Electricity, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Production and Health and Accounting.

We also offer intensive course in English and Computer science, a range of related short-courses, as well as a 2-year Master’s Degree in General Management, Agriculture and Rural Development and Education Science.

We at CSUK are seeking partnerships with universities and organizations with the explicit interest in improving the standards and outcomes of rural Cambodian higher-education for at-risk young-people; a pivotal step in community development and a potential growth area for the increasing opportunities of private industry and local investment in Cambodia’s rapidly growing economic status. These partnerships will range from volunteer teacher/faculty placement, educational and occupational seminars, technological/economic/logistical assistance and guidance, and the establishment of exchange or working partnerships.

If you and/or your organization have the interest and means to collaborate with CSUK and our programs with a view to delivering these goals, please contact us at the address below.

In addition, if you know of anyone who may be interested or able to help with the aforementioned goals, We would ask you to please forward this post to or tag them and further expand the web of connectivity in this venture.

For more information, please follow the link of our website which explains the history and present standing of CSUK as an educational institution.

Our warmest thanks in advance for your time, consideration, forwarding, and response.